Sony Handy Cam 8 CCD-TR33 NTSC

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Regular price $119.99

Sony Handy Cam 8 CCD-TR33 NTSC

Items included in this sale:

  • Camcorder
  • Battery Pack
  • Remote (Does not come with batteries)

*Please note, if it is not listed it is not included - such as power cables or other accessories.

Cosmetic condition:

The camcorder is in great condition, very minimal scratches. Tape slot is very clean. Lens is in great condition.


We have tested the camcorder and it works great. Playback works great, rewind, fast-forward, pause/play all work. Camera does a great job of recording. Battery pack works fine, however it does not fully stay on some times and need to placed in slot firmly. Overall great working Camcorder.